What subjects do you specialize in?

I tutor in all English and humanities subjects–writing, literature, ELA, ESL, AP English and history. Whether you need help editing a single essay or you seek regular, weekly support, I am available for afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions.

Can you help me with SAT/ACT prep?

Yes! I tutor students all year to improve their test scores. Most students take these tests in the spring of their junior year, and retake them in the fall. I also prepare students for the PSAT, TOEFL, and other state assessments. Check out my recommended plans for standardized test success.

How does tutoring work? What do you do?

I work with students and parents to create a personalized study plan to meet individual needs. During our free initial consultation, we’ll establish the goals of our time working together and develop a lesson plan to meet those goals. Each 60-minute tutoring session includes learning materials that I customize (and sometimes create) specifically for you. If requested, I provide weekly progress reports with my session notes and recommendations.

As your tutor, I provide a flexible, creative environment designed to help you improve your skills and confidence. I don’t simply give you the correct answers or rewrite your sentences—I help you learn to discover answers on your own, and practice skills to make you a stronger writer, reader, and thinker.

Do you tutor online? Can you meet me in person?

Yes, and yes! I work with students all over the US and around the world, using video-conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and join.me. Online tutoring sessions offer a convenient, flexible way for us to connect and work on everything from homework assignments to essay revisions to test prep. If you live in Greater Boston, we can meet and work in-person at your school or library.

Even if you’ve worked with a tutor before, you may have more questions. Contact me here—I want to get to know you!