As a passionate English teacher for 12 years, I offer private, 1-on-1 classes in literature and writing to students around the world.

How does an online class work?

I work with students and parents to design a private, 1-on-1 class to improve specific skills. Whether you want to practice essay writing, build your vocabulary, work through a challenging novel, or prepare for an exam, we will customize a class to meet your goals. We can focus our private class time on exploring goals and interests that you’re not able to pursue in school. Or we can use our class to work on your school assignments in more depth.

Is an online class the same as tutoring?

Private classes are similar to tutoring—but I see my role as more than just helping you with homework. I don’t simply give you the correct answers, or rewrite your sentences. I help you learn how to discover answers on your own, and practice skills to make you a stronger writer, reader, and thinker. My goal is to provide you with a flexible, creative learning environment, your very own English class, where you can explore and excel at your own pace, without the pressure of grades and tests.

What’s your teaching background?

Since 2010, I’ve been privileged to teach English courses at Phillips Exeter Academy’s summer program for grades 6 through 12. Teaching at one of the world’s most elite private schools has fostered my passion for empowering students of all backgrounds. My teaching is based on Exeter’s famous Harkness method, which encourages students and teachers to learn collaboratively through open discussion. I believe learning is a beautiful, messy, exciting process of questioning and exploring. I strive to help students (re)discover the joy and exhilaration of learning together.

I’ve also taught and volunteered at Boston area schools through Boston Partners in Education and Citizen Schools. I attend professional teaching conferences and workshops throughout the year. I’m happy to provide my curriculum vitae and references.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Boston University, with a double concentration in English and Linguistics. I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature from Simmons College, where I specialized in American literatures—the American novel, YA and children’s literature, and Native American literature—and postcolonial texts.

What teaching materials do you use?

I create and customize assignments specifically for my students. I love to do this, because I know it works. One of the joys of teaching for me is finding and creating materials that fully engage and inspire my students. The most effective learning plan combines both core reading and writing skills with your goals and interests.

I enjoy helping students with “big scary novels” like The Great Gatsby and 1984, and I love reading contemporary work, especially short stories (my favorite!). I encourage my students to choose readings on their own, and to explore a wide range of classic and contemporary writers. Together, we practice close reading and analysis through discussion, creative exercises, and attention to language and grammar.

When can we schedule classes?

Classes can be scheduled in the afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends. I work with most students for a period of 1 hour, and some for an extended 75-minute class period. It’s up to you and your schedule. Reach out to me with any questions you have!

Phillips Exeter Academy Harkness English class 2017